Can We Bring A Spiritual Revival in America in 2020? – Part 2

Yes, We Can!

We Must Create A Reasonable & Viable Strategy to WIN!!!

      First a Christian must:  Recognize that the battle you are in is a real war/combat (physical, mental & spiritual). Although Christians know that we are in a real war zone, we often live like we are fighting a pretend war. We are called to be highly trained soldiers using the full Armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18) taking it serious.  This is the only way Christians in America can win the battle over Socialism!  

     Psychological Warfare is between 50%-90% of the battle! (which means, which ever combatant is able to get their opponent off their game, determines who will win the battle!!!

Know Yourself = Strengths & Weaknesses      Know Opponents = Strengths & Weaknesses

     Must have a Very Good Offense & Very Good Defense (a ‘just-to-get-by’ approach doesn’t work, that’s why churches in America are losing the battle – but still refuse to admit it).

    “Truth” demands 2-character traits = 1) You must be wise, and 2) You must be courageous to win any battle. When the truth is used properly, under the banner of Jesus Christ, we will always be victorious.

(Both Satan & God approve of the Christian activities below): See Luke 17:7-10. However, the approach above will never produce Revival in America.  

A Soft/Safe Christianity = 95-97% of all Christians in America.

CHRISTIANS SHOULD CONTINUE: Praying/Fasting, Going to Church, Life Groups, Worship, Tithes/Offerings, Mission work or Financial Assistance, Feeding the Poor, Helping the Homeless, Bible Study, Devotions, Home Groups, Bible College/University, Home Schooling, Promoting Positive Actions, Raising a productive/moral family and/or Voting.

(God alone, not Satan, desires the activities below from Christians): See Luke 19:11-27. This approach above alone will produce Revival in America in 2020!

A Bold/Radical Christianity = 2-3% of all Christians in America.

CHRISTIANS MUST BEGIN: Standing on the Truth (not saying the right thing, but doing the right thing), Always Demonstrate Wisdom & Courage, Be an Intelligent Witness (with or without words), Use Critical Thinking (Majority of Christians Lack), Read/Study Bible Yearly (Read through Genesis-Revelation), Self-Evaluation (Be Truthful about Yourself), Be Obedient to Almighty God & Jesus Christ, Always Maintain High Moral Character, Defend Truth with Sound Reasoning-Logic, Overcome Your Fears, Possibly Get Arrested, Go to Jail for your Faith, Loss of Job, Family or Friends for your Faith, Willingness to Die for your Faith and Never be angry or force your beliefs on others (defend, not force)!!!

The “C”s in the diagram below represents the weak influence the Church has on the world, maybe 3-5%, influence on Culture in America (note how many “C”s are relevant in the world, very few).




It’s no wonder the church has very minimal influence on the world, while the world has such a strong influence on the church!!!

The world doesn’t speak our language.  The world doesn’t want our Jesus Christ. The world doesn’t listen to our Christian music. The world mocks our Christian Faith. The world doesn’t watch our Christian movies. The world wants to exterminate the Church.

The “W” in the illustration below represents the stronghold, 95-97%, the world has on the Christian church in America today (Note how many “W”s are inside the church)!




It’s no wonder the church is irrelevant in society today and has little or no lasting influence on the world!!!

We speak the language of the world. We entertain in church like the world. We listen to the music of the world. We send our children to the public schools. We watch the movies of the world. We lie, Cheat and Steal like the world. We dress like the world. We want to have the material things of the world. We live like the world.

This trend must be reversed (And only God’s Children Can Do It) – SO, LET’S GET BUSY!!!