Can We Bring A Spiritual Revival To America in 2020? – Part 1

YES, WE CAN! These are ten (10) steps that need to be taken in order for the Church to change the moral and spiritual CLIMATE in America?  IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO three or more of the ten steps listed below regularly (daily for the next two-three years), I believe, this will create a national watershed by touching and encouraging the lives and hearts of men, women & children of the Christian faith to be “ever-the-more” bold in representing Jesus Christ in the public square. Christians must corporately & collectively, as one body with one goal, present our faith unashamedly and in bold practical ways.  “Taking a stand…telling the Truth in Love and with Power!”

       APOLOGETICS: Learn how to (intelligently and publicly) deconstruct the current popular trends of social engineering in our culture by effectively using sound reasoning and logic.  This is necessary if the church is serious about changing the current social constructs in America.  Those who control the language and conversation, control the worldview of that society – shouldn’t it be the Church!!!  If you are interested in learning Apologetics – Contact Brother Slim Witness in the Public  or at 916-562-2744. 

       STREET MINISTRY: Urgently seeking VOLUNTEERS, from 18 to 65 years old (we especially need young people to help be a strong example to the next generation of youth), however, all ages are welcomed. Are you willing to stand with me on the street corners in your local communities for 30 minutes to 1 hour (2 to 3 days, if possible) two to three days a week with a sign “Marriage Alway=’s 1 Man & 1 Woman” or flag (signs and flags are optional).  Due to the strong call I have for defending Traditional Marriage, I have been doing this daily for several years – We have been given a great responsibility to Defend & Protect the future of our children – only a godly and moral people can do that!

Monday thru Friday from 10 am-4 pm, I am out with my “Marriage” sign on street corners and at local schools in various cities boldly sharing this truth with the community.  I am hoping that YOU will be willing to hold a “marriage” sign with me (signs and flags are optional)…because marriage is an institution that was established by God and no earthly court or government agency can change its definition (because marriage – the Groom, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Bride, the Church or Body of Christ represents the two becoming one – Jesus Christ and the Christian Church, in sacred matrimony for life, eternal life).  Only consistency and numbers (volunteers like you) can bring change. See Event Calendar for dates and locations. WILL YOU JOIN US? WE NEED YOUR HELP!

                    PRAY: Eating establishments, restaurants & fast food pray with hands folded elbows on table, head bowed pray for 10-15 seconds (with or without words). Always ask your waiter/waitress while taking your order if they have any specific personal or family you can pray for. Always leave nice tip.

                  VOICEMAIL: Record a 10-12 seconds scriptural passage on all your phone (home & cell phones), scriptural ex. Gal 5:14; John 3:16; John 4:24; John 13:34, then end with a brief greeting; examples “We’ll return your call as soon as possible” or “Have a blessed day!”

                  CHRISTIAN MUSIC: At least 1 or 2 times a week (more if you like), while in the parking lot (at work, school, grocery store, gas station, park, theatre, etc.), play your Christian music for 3-5 minutes turned up loud – open the cars doors, and/or windows in parking lot at work or shopping.  Also when having your car serviced at an auto shop leave the Christian CD/radio station on and let the mechanic turn your radio off if they aren’t interested.

                  BIBLE: Take a medium size bible, preferably with Holy Bible on the cover, take into the restaurant each time and set it on top of the table to be seen (not for pride sake, but just a small way to encourage the public representation of Jesus Christ outside the church walls).   If you like, you can read one or two chapters while waiting for your food.   Note: Always be courtesy & a good tipper towards your server (you are properly representing Jesus Christ in the public with humility).

                CHRISTIAN SIGNS W/ GOSPEL MESSAGE:  When walking or driving in town, if you see a person on the sidewalk with a Christian Message board, acknowledge them by saying or honking the car horn 2-3 times as you pass by to encourage them (You may have to do a U-Turn if you accidentally drove by without seeing them the first time). Roll down window and shout out or give them a thumbs-up.

  EXAMPLES IN GIVING: Let, especially young children and/or grandchildren participate in putting your cash or checks in offering/tithe envelopes (handling the money, filling out the envelope for the cash/check) or giving and writing to orphans in other countries. 

Caution: You don’t have to let the child write or fill out the check amount. Let him/her see the amount and let them put the check in the offering basket regularly. You are teaching them by example.

               PRAYING IN STORES:  When shopping, you are talking with a friend or stranger, during the course of conversation they inform you of a medical condition they have, or of a family member or friend they know.  Ask them if you can say a brief 1-minute prayer with them (with low voice, quietly bow your head, join hands with them and pray) – be sure to move out of the way so that other customers won’t be impeded from shopping.   Always be courtesy, remember you are representing Jesus Christ.

            VOTING: YES, your vote does count. Many soldiers, men and women, have sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy in this country. As America citizens, it is not only a “RIGHT” but it is also our responsibility to register and vote. We should always seek political leaders that defend and live moral lives (honorable, trustworthy men and women, not perfect of course).  If we want to prevent the onslaught of Socialism from corrupting the minds of our young people, we must take a stand!  Remember, when good people do nothing evil will always triumph.

5 Causes that Hinder Revival in America

American Christianity has substituted for Biblical Christianity (many similarities, however, American Christianity produces very minimal or no change in society).

American Christianity relies on politics to solve problems (a President or Judges) vs Biblical Christianity which relies on the Christian Church infiltrating the culture.

American Christianity observed in general public (providing kind, helpful services) vs Biblical Christianity scarcely observed in the general public (unashamedly, with sound reasoning, defending the truth claims of Jesus Christ against post-modernism).

American Christianity flees in the face of verbal confrontation (such as Political correctness, or discussing sensitive societal issues) vs Biblical Christianity engages in intellectual dialogue – deconstructing the current false teachings of the day.

American Christianity continues to be biblically illiterate (majority of Christians lack apologetic skills – this includes pastors, theologians, and average church members).