What Has Caused the Demise of the Democrat Party – Part 2

There are six things which the Lord hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, a false witness who utters lies and one who spreads strife among brothers. Proverbs 6:16-19 NASB

Pride goes before destruction; and a haughty (arrogant) spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 NASB

The Democrat Party is coming apart at the seams as they continue to push for Socialism in America. The very SOUL of our Nation is in jeopardy and ‘We the People’ must fight to preserve the Constitutional Rights this country has so long enjoyed. Securing our faith, our families and our freedoms. We are in a Moral (Spiritual) Civil War. We must continue defending and replace the traditional values this nation has long enjoyed: True Normal versus New Normal; Truth versus Error; Light versus Darkness; Righteousness versus Unrighteousness; Holiness versus Unholiness; In-corruption versus Corruption; Lawful action versus Unlawful action; Justice versus Injustice; Individual Responsibility versus the Redistribution of Wealth; Tolerance versus Intolerance, etc. America can never truly be great again, until it again lays a Moral and Spiritual foundation.

They Democrat Party defends the reckless lawlessness sweeping across this country, while caring little about the rights of its law-abiding citizens. That is why no one is going to vote for Democrat candidate Joe Biden. He doesn’t qualify as a viable candidate for the President of the United States, but is just a prop for the Democrat Party. If Joe Biden receives more than 33 million votes, almost 10% of the nation’s population, or 145 Electoral College votes, it will be a miracle. It is going be the most dismal presidential election in the history of the Democrat Party. 

That is why the progressive, radical left feel electing presidents by Electoral College votes, instead of by popular vote is unfair – see You Tube video: Elections 2012: The Electoral College by US Embassy London – for a short introduction on Electoral College votes. I am convinced that the Founding Fathers were wise in establishing the Electoral College vote, which attempts to fairly represent all its American citizens in each individual State, both small and large, based on their population size. It was introduced by the Founding Fathers as a means of ‘checks and balances’ as an alternative/compromise to electing the president by popular vote or by Congress. Progressives, falsely claim that the Electoral College vote denies or disenfranchises the will and vote of the people.

Everyone knows the Democrat Biden-Harris ticket (worst two candidates running for national office) cannot beat Trump, nor is there anyone on their party ticket capable of defeating Donald J Trump. So, in a strategic political move they decided to throw Joe Biden under the bus, because he has been in politics for over forty-seven year, he’s old and he’s becoming increasingly senile – not fit for any political office. They will be forced to accept – A 2020 election Horribly Anticipated Defeat – that’s why Barack Obama is not doing much public speaking to endorse the Biden-Harris campaign, if he does, and Joe losses big-time it will have a negative effect on Obama’s image (failed policies).  This gives Democrats time to produce a viable candidate for 2024. The November Presidential election: It will be an avalanche/landslide for Donald J Trump, (a position I have held since late March 2020, despite the false expert polls)!

My Prediction: 87 million popular votes; 49 States Red; 375+ (revised to 425+) Electoral Colleges votes; 2 or more Republican Senatorial Seats; 30 or more Republican Congressional seats; 90% Police Officers vote for Trump; 40% Blacks vote for Trump; 30% Asian population vote for Trump; 30% Hispanics vote for Trump; 20% Democrats vote for Trump; 20% White Females vote for Trump. And the records continue to fall!

Mark your calendars, I always say ‘tongue and cheek’, yet seriously. Tuesday, November 3, 2020. “Coming soon to a theater near you A Trump 2020 Avalanche.  The National Weather Channel has recently announced that on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 there will be a historic Avalanche sweeping across this nation – A Trump 2020 Avalanche, immediately followed by heavy torrential rains – that is the radical left whining in their usual extreme histrionics – because they can’t understand how they lost two consecutive presidential elections to Donald J. Trump. But we know how! Since they are listening to fake news (CNN, MSNBC, etc.), they are guaranteed to lose!” Yes, indeed!

The New Republican Party, under the leadership of President Donald J Trump, is winning BIG. The Democrats on the other hand, are losing big. They are desperate and running scared. We can see by the lawlessness spreading across the nation by groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, being encouraged by NBA superstar Lebron James and others, including the fake news reports by (CNN, MSNBC, etc.). The Democrat Party gladly defends “The Systemic Racism Mythology” in America – they have been Taking-out-all-stops since early January 2020, and their hypocrisy is being exposed for all the world to see. People are waking up and moving towards Donald J Trump’s camp. The handwriting is on the wall for Democrats. The medical report is in. The diagnosis for the Democrat Party is Stage 4 cancer with Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) application officially filed since November 2019. The Democrat Party is fast fading away into a distance forgotten memory. Oh, Happy Day!

A lengthy discourse on Electoral College votes isn’t meant for this type of venue. You may do a more exhaustive research on The Electoral College vote (or see short video mentioned above). A cursory history.  Only five times in US history, Presidential candidates that won the popular vote, lost the Electoral College vote. With nearly a ninety percent (90%) success rate, the Electoral College vote, though not perfect, has proved to be a very successful method used to elect the US President for nearly two-hundred and twenty years, with some minor corrections. The Electoral College was ratified in the US Constitution in June 1804. I will list a few of the main reasons: 1) To correct some weaknesses in the earlier electoral system; 2) to prevent citizens who lacked political knowledge from being influenced by powerful political leaders; 3) to prevent ‘mob rule’ steering the country astray, and 4) to prevent a populous president from being able to manipulated the citizens through politics (policy), corporate (financial) and media (false information). Now you understand why the Democrat Party wants to end the Electoral College vote for presidential elections (it will favor them in winning future presidential elections). The American citizens will not allow it. We enjoy our Religious and Individual Freedoms too much! It will not work, without convincing the American citizens through a US Constitutional Amendment (another great idea of the Founding Fathers to prevent Dictators and Tyrants from gaining power). That is what makes America the greatest nation in all the world. Political correctness and mainstream media are trying to take away these rights and give us Socialism.

Some media moguls and pundits are even attempting to use the word “Civil War” (also known as, systemic racism), as a fear tactic to encourage more violence in major cities across the country, in hopes it will energize their Democrat base to help Joe Biden win this election. Of course, it’s just more fake news incorporated by the Democrat Party. Remember, both the 1770s American Revolution and the 1860s Civil War were fought to secure individual rights and religious freedoms. These wars were fought through military action. However, unlike the 1770s American Revolution and the 1860s Civil War which was fought with weapons, causing the loss of hundred’s of thousands of lives, today’s Civil War, is a Moral one, being fought over philosophical and religious ideologies (Secular Humanism versus Christianity). I am convinced, that this War, as usual is being manipulated by political leaders (policy), corporate magnates (financial) and media pundits (misinformation). A Civil War, like that in the past, through military engagement is never going to happen in America, not with Donald Trump as President. That is why this 2020 election must be decided by YOU!

Now, I would like to briefly speak to my white brothers and sisters being affected by the current social theater.  Of course, there is racism in America, but the racism that is being experiences today comes predominantly from the Democrat Party.  Let me say it loud and clear, There is No Systemic Racism in America! Those who frequently say that Donald Trump is racist are liars.  And when they make the ridiculous claim that because you are a white, conservative, Republican, you are racist too. They are liars. Now, you can either ignore them or you can do like I do. I always agree with them and say, “Yes, I’m a racist too, that’s why I’m voting for Trump” and “I believe the world would be a better place if we had more racist people like Donald Trump.”  Keep in mind, that I too, as a black man, get called names by the progressive, radical left.  Yes, that’s right, it happens to many Blacks that are conservative and support Donald Trump. Please do not be discouraged by their antics…this is their modus operandi, to do everything in their power to suppress free speech and thought.  They know they are going to lose, and lose big! So, either you accept their way, or you will be attacked by fierce hatred, intolerance and/or physical abuse. Please continue to Stand Up for Your First Amendment Rights.

When I travel to various cities in California and stand on the street corners with my Trump 2020 sign/Trump 2020 banner, people will frequently park their cars come shake my hand and hug me, some are almost in tears, thanking me for what I’m doing.  They often comment on how brave I am to walk around with a Trump 2020 sign. Of course, I always appreciate their many compliments, but I quickly inform them “the truth is brave.” I walk alongside the truth or stand on the shoulders of the truth. Because I am a seeker and pursuer of truth and wherever truth leads, I am determined to follow. This of course is a difficult proposition, especially in today’s social climate, because history has proven time and time again that people care little or nothing about truth.

Contrary to popular opinion right and wrong are not determined by majority or minority rule, nor by those who are able to twist the strong arms of justice in their favor. Truth does not pick sides; it often stands alone. America, under the guise of separation of Church and State has long attempted to sequester or suppress the Creator, Almighty God out of the affairs of man, destroying our faith, our families and our freedoms. Have they forgotten the words of the Founding Fathers, We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal by their Creator, All Mighty God – Black lives, White lives, Red lives, Yellow lives, even Blue lives – created with certain inalienable rights.

We are living in one of the greatest moments in human history. Future generations will write about this moment, about this time. When they write about this period, we hope that they will properly acknowledge, how we came together as “Fellow Patriots and Freedom Fighters” who rose to the occasion to restore our God given freedoms back to this great nation. That, we stood shoulder to shoulder, standing tall with our heads held high, in pride, and spoke in one resounding, resolute voice letting the Socialist/Marxist Democrat Party know during the 2020 election “No more, No more, No more!” That they “Let the Democrat Party know that they are rejecting their failed policies, and are tired!”

Yes, we are tired and can no longer sit quietly by in the stagnate pews of do nothing, bound by their heavy chains of tolerance and Socialist Marxist tyranny. We must let them know we are tired and will no longer allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by their melodic symphony of self-delusion and deceit. And we’re being powerfully awakened, as is demonstrated by freedom loving Trump Rallies held in cities across this great State and this great Nation, to the clarion call of revelry. Yes, we must continue to let the Democrat Party know that,

We are tired and refuse to continue to walk quietly down their corridors of judicial, political and mainstream media tyranny and allow the moral foundations of this great nation to be abducted and unjustly incarcerated behind their prison walls of hedonism, which is a caricature of freedom and equality. For we know, that in the next several years, now that the Democrat Party has opened pandora’s box, unleashing widespread social unrest by Black Lives Matter and Antifa across this great nation; if we do not stand together now and obliterate the DNC, it will be very difficult to close that heavy lid; the systemic nullification of our Constitutional Rights will continue, and our faith, our families and our freedoms will be totally destroyed. The collateral damage will be devastating, especially for our children.

Therefore, we must continue to march to the cadence of compassionate truth as stated in the word of God, “Until justice runs down as waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”  I can boldly stand here today, and affirm the words of the old Negro spiritual – We shall overcome. Yes, we shall overcome. We shall overcome one day. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome this November on Election day. This is our destiny. This is our goal, and like a tree planted by rivers of living water, we shall not be moved.And if I’m wrong, Fourscore and seven million voters casting their ballots to re-elect President Donald J. Trump are wrong! If I’m wrong, The Constitution of the United States of America is wrong! And if I’m wrong, God Almighty is wrong.  But I’m not wrong. No, I’m not wrong. Why? Because the majestic walls of morality sit firm on a solid foundation of absolute truth. And it can never be abolished by the torrid winds of the mainstream media or the Democrat Party Socialist/Marxist agenda. Therefore, God’s truth will continue to march on. And I say Glory hallelujah, Glory hallelujah, Glory hallelujah, His truth shall continue to march on!

Therefore, Barack Obama’s push towards American Socialism, beginning with the Affordable Healthcare Act, that ignores the Constitutional Rights of its citizens has caused the demise and downfall of the Democrat Party, causing the historic two-term election of President Donald J Trump.  Also, Obama’s reckless actions has incited the systemic racism myth in America, ignoring the fact that it was White Americans that elected him twice as the first Black President.I have been waiting about twelve years for the demise of the Democrat Party. I am so happy, that the Democrat Party has from henceforth and forevermore been rendered inoperable! I will close this blog with my Obamacare parody, which I believe, is one of the defining reasons that has brought about the inevitable destruction of the Democrat Party.

Obamacare Parody (Affordable Healthcare Act)

Once upon a time in a land not so far, far away,

President Barack Obama asked: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest health care system of them all?

Mirror: Well, Obamacare we thought it would be, because you Mr. President said it was free. You said it’s affordable the best of all care. If you like your doctor you could keep ‘um you even did swear. Preexisting conditions, millions of uninsured tried. Soon, to discover Obamacare was just a big lie.

Obama response: Silence, you fools!

Mirror: Shame on you Obama for not telling the truth, but this has been a standard operational procedure from your youth. So, why should we believe the Democrat Party, RINO Republicans, Fake news media and activist Judges care? When the middle class alone this financial burden will bear.

Obama response: The American citizens. Yes, they must pay. By executive order; Darn it, I will have my way.

Mirror: Well a growing number of citizens living in Obamacare land. Are refusing to accept this hostile demand. Everyone knows Obamacare is a very bad deal, So, the New Republican Party must, they must it repeal.

Narration: As usual the government is again at its best, creating for its citizens another unsustainable debt. Things that make you go, Hum!

In closing I would like to share with you, that on Sunday evening, May 24, 2020, believing and trusting that the Lord spoke to me in my Spirit to run for the office of Governor of California, I have decided and accepted the Call to run in the next Gubernatorial race in California. The reasons I am persuaded to make this move is, namely, due to the continuous government overreach and the social unrest promoted by the Democrat Party across this nation. Their party tends to oppose the rights of law-abiding American citizens whom they are supposed to represent, which has contributed to my decision to run for this political office. As your next Governor of California, I will always represent and defend the law-abiding citizens living in our great state.

Vote for me, Chauncey Killens, the next Governor of California. Aggressively, Defending our Faith, our Families and our Freedoms.

Together…We can make an Impact. Together we can Make California Red. Together we can Make California Great Again!