Witness in the Public Square’s mission is to reintroduce God, faith, traditional family values, and religious freedom to the public square and to change the cultural atmosphere to a Christian worldview by encouraging other Christians to stand up in all aspects of life including home, church, business and school.

Slim Killens

Apologetics Training: If you, your church, Bible study, school club, or business is interested in learning how to effectively be a counter-culture in the onslaught of socialism, atheism and secularism in our nation, contact Witness in the Public Square. We are committed to training anyone determined to make a difference.

Public Debate: Is your Christian faith being challenged at school or in the work place?  Witness in the Public Square is willing to meet with and debate any person or group promoting the current erroneous social constructs (whether it be Intelligentsia, Religious or Political groups) to defend the undeniable truth claims of Christianity.

Contact us via email at witnessinthepublicsquare@gmail.com or

by phone at 951.331.1834 for more information.

WARNING: Some of the material on Witness in the Public Square may not be suitable for all audiences. We are very passionate and willing to take a stand against all forms of political correctness and take on the controversial issues of the day. Our goal is to teach Christians how to effectively challenge socialism, atheism and secularism, with compassion, using sound reasoning, logic and the objective truth in order to recapture the arena of honest public debate, promoting real tolerance through open dialogue.